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Physical Education Grading Policy


Physical Education is a ½ credit class awarded each year. You must have 2 credits (4 passing years 9 th thru 12 th grade) to graduate. The grading is split equally 25% for each quarter. In order for you to receive the best possible grade strictly follow the department policies.


Participation: You will receive 4 points each day you attend and fully participate in physical education class. Usually 20 days per quarter equals 80 points. The remaining 20 points can come from written quizzes, skill assessments and/or the sportsmanship rubric.


  • Change into appropriate clothing such as shorts, “T” shirts, and / or sweat pants. Tank tops or half shirts are not acceptable. The classes will be outside until mid November, sweatshirts should be worn on colder days.
  • For your safety and the safety of others you may not wear hats, boots, rubber soled shoes, flip flops, backless or platform sneakers or any type of jewelry. This includes but is not limited to necklaces, bracelets, hoop earrings or any other piercing.
  • You may also lose credit by leaving the locker room/gymnasium early, changing clothes in the gymnasium, wearing jeans under your sweats, bringing any electronic devices, or walking through the parking lot.
  • Be on time to class. 5 minutes is given for the students to change and report for attendance.


  • Excused absences on file at the attendance office can be made up. The student has one week from the return of school to make up the class. Make-ups must be approved by the teacher by obtaining a make up card one day in advance.
  • An excused lateness can be made up within one week.
  • A student arriving late, unexcused, will lose 1 point for each occurrence. Arriving later than 5 minutes to class, without a pass, will result in loss of 4 points for that day.
  • Taking a test in another class during your physical education period is NOT an excused absence.

Locker Room:

The locker room will be locked 1 minute after the start of each period. No student will be permitted in the locker room during the class. No valuables should be left in the locker room; all possessions should be secured in a locker not left out on the floor. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Medically Excused Students:

Physical Education assignments must be done for class credit when you are medically excused from participation. No work will be issued unless a physician’s note is on file with the nurse. The note must state the length of time out of Physical Education class. “Until Further Notice” notes are accepted for only a 6 week period of time.


The teacher may assess the student on sportsmanship. Examples of good sportsmanship are: encouraging, helping classmates, and creating a positive and friendly climate in the class. Examples of poor sportsmanship are: cursing during class or putting other students down. This conduct will lead to loss of points, phone calls home, and/or administrative referral. Longwood High School has a zero tolerance policy for bullying!



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