Outdoor Education


These initiatives will be used to explore cooperation and interdependence while using problem solving skills and effective communication. These activities will build the foundation for the rest of the course.


These activities involve group initiatives designed to give the students the opportunity to experience what it is like to depend on others for their safety. The students will interact in many activities that build trust of one another. Trust is critical throughout the unit as students will be responsible for each others' safety.

Low Elements:

The low element activities are designed to improve teamwork and interpersonal skills. The low elements provide groups the opportunity to combine both physical and mental abilities to solve problems that cannot be overcome by an individual alone. The solution takes the entire team.


Only after a team has developed trust and focus can they experience the ultimate thrill of climbing the Alpine Tower. The students will learn the skills necessary to climb. Students will overcome fears and take risks when climbing the high elements.

Challenge by Choice:

Challenge by Choice means that everyone chooses his or her own level of challenge and is not forced to take a role he or she is not comfortable with performing. There are plenty of opportunities to take a variety of roles in the class if the student has difficulty stepping outside their comfort zone.


The students will receive an introduction to the rods, reels, and tackle involved with surf casting, spin casting, and fly fishing.


Mountain biking will be the focus of the unit. Road and BMX biking will be discussed. The students will have the opportunity to ride mountain bikes in class.


Students will use compasses and topographical maps to navigate through predetermined courses.


The students will have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in class through culminating activities. Kayak trip down Carmens River, fly fishing at Yaphank Lake, surf casting at Cedar Beach & Smith Point Beach and mountain biking at the Pine Barrens.

Outside Resources:

Many organizations have already helped or are planning to come in during the school year to discuss many of the topics in class. Some of the organizations involved are the Army Reserves for orienteering, Department of Environmental Conservation for outdoor survival, Rocky Point Cycle for mountain biking, and the Archery Forum for archery.

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