The Gus Neuss Archives of articles related to the Bund at Yaphank

       Judge Gustave Neuss of Yaphank was a loud critic of the German Bund movement at Yaphank. There was constant friction between the Judge and the leaders of the bund. The articles and information below was kept by Gus Neuss, son of Judge Neuss.

       Gus Neuss had written many articles and stories for our site. Sadly he passed away 2007 at the age of 95  Even at 92 he was sharp and witty and his advice was sought on a continual basis. . The work below is part of the last project he was working on for us before he passed away.

       He will be missed

            Listed below are newspaper photographs and documents for the text of the German-American Bund story. A copy of the text accompanies the photos, etc. with numbers in the left margin denoting the suggested positioning of each display.

Ident. #                       Description


1                  James Coombes Residence. Main Bund Building.  

2                  Beat, Beat, Beat of Nazi Feet.

 3                  25,000 German-AmericansCelebrate German Day.

 4                  Italian Fascists Parade.

 5                  Hordes of Jews —Stealing the Country. (Anonymous writer)

 6                  12 Volumes of Bund Data.

 7                  Nazis Teach Children to Hate Jews.

 8                  Men, Women and Children inNazi Salute. - 30,000 German-Americans Attend Rally.

 9                Simon Koedel Letter to JudgeNeuss.

 10                Public Letter on VotingAgainst Judge Neuss by Ernst Mueller.

 11                Jewish War Veterans Letterto the Judge.

 12                Complaint by H. Hauck onDesecration of Von Hindenburg Monument.

 13                Bund Oath to Hitler.

 14                Bund Drive for a Nazi UnitedStates.

 15                New York Spies - Simon Koedel.

 16                New York Spies — KurtLudwig.

 17                Wunderlich’s Salute - (Book written by Marvin Miller about the bund at Yaphank)

 18                Judge Neuss’ Letter to theEditor of the Island News.

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