Eastern Long Island Academy of Applied Technology*


Occupational Education Courses

  Courses offered under the
Board of Cooperative Education Services
Elective: 4 Credits Per Year /Grade Taught: 11 and 12


Through cooperative services in the Second Supervisory District, subsidized by the State, there is available to a pupil a wider choice of skill training with more technical equipment than any single school could afford. The following vocational and technical courses prepare a student for entering a vocation, immediately at graduation, with special skills in occupations currently in demand in our community. These courses need not, however, be terminal but may form the basis for further training at trade schools, technical institutes or colleges beyond the secondary school level. Please note there is a cost to the student for materials and equipment for some courses.


Locations offering specific courses are indicated as follows: 

  • Brookhaven Technical Center (BTC)
  • H.B. Ward Technical Center (WTC)



  1. NO STUDENT may be absent 12 or more days during the current school year including any out-of-school suspensions.
  2. Students must have sufficient credits to be classified as grade 12 in the appropriate chronological year.
  3. ALL students and parents must sign an *Academy contract.
  4. Current *Academy students may not exceed more than 12 days of absence in their current *Academy program.


PLEASE NOTE: *The Academy of Applied Technology offers many excellent occupational programs, which Longwood High School fully endorses. However, there is a financial burden placed on the district when *Academy students fail to attend regularly, yet Longwood must still pay the full Academy tuition fee of approximately $12,000 per student. Therefore, any *Academy student missing 6 or more days from the *Academy during the FIRST SIX WEEKS OF THE SCHOOL YEAR will be DROPPED from their *Academy program and rescheduled for a full day of classes at Longwood High School. In this eventuality, some study halls may need to be scheduled until second semester electives begin in January. NO 5th year seniors are eligible for *The Academy of Applied Technology.

1303A Animal Science 1 or 2 year program at BTC & WTC

Animal Science is designed to prepare students who are pursuing animal related careers and can be used as a college preparatory course for those interested in furthering their education in applied sciences. This course provides students with the opportunity to work with a wide variety of animals. Classroom environment simulates procedures performed in veterinary hospitals, grooming shops, and kennel facilities. Students are also provided with hands on experience with farm animals at Cornell Cooperative Extension and at local horse farms.


1308 Art, Design and Visual Communications 1 or 2 year program at BTC


Students enrolled in this course will learn the basics of layout and design, drawing, art composition, and color concepts through traditional and digital media while focusing on real design work experiences.  Industry standard design software programs are introduced to provide students with basic foundation skills needed to enter the design field.


1355 Audio Production 1 or 2 year program at WTC

Audio Production is designed to give the student exposure to basic audio production techniques. This will be inclusive of live sound reinforcement, multi-track audio recording, as well as electronic instrumentation operation and composition basics. The student will play an active role as audio technician, engineer, and producer, learning the fundamentals using industry standard equipment such as audio mixing consoles, microphones, digital tape recorders as well as virtual multi-tracking and editing systems. Instruction will also cover equipment installation and maintenance. Students will write, produce, engineer, mix and master their own projects. These projects include sound reinforcement for theater and musical performance, sound mixing for in-studio television production and post-production, and original soundtrack composition for film, television, and the music industry.

1304 Auto Body Repair and After-Market Accessories 2 year program at WTC

This program gives students the opportunity to learn how to dismantle and reassemble damaged automobile components, straighten metal parts and car frames, straighten dents, use filler compounds, grinding techniques and preparing a car for the refinishing shop. Students will also learn how to select and mix paint according to the latest EPA guidelines as well as the proper techniques in spray painting.  Students will also gain hands-on experience in after-market auto accessory installation.


1305 Automotive Technology 2 year program at WTC

This two-year program meets requirements for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification and is certified by NATEF. The program provides students with theory and practice in the use of tools, special equipment, technical manuals, computerized service equipment, service specifications, diagnosis and methods of repair through teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Students will be prepared for The National Institute for Auto Service Excellence examination  and have the option to be approved by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles in NY State Inspection.  High achieving juniors will have the opportunity to enter the AYES Program, which is a two-year apprentice program, administered through The Academy with local dealerships, similar to cooperative learning.

Note: Students who complete Transportation Systems (1206), Land Transportation (1214), Auto Services 1 & 2 (1215/1216) at Longwood High School may complete the Automotive Technology Course at BOCES in 1 year. Students should see their counselor regarding TECH PREP Advance Standing Opportunities with Colleges (Articulation Agreements).


1306 Aviation/Professional Pilot Training 1 or 2 year program at BTC

The students will study aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology and aviation physiology, airplane performance and air traffic control procedures. They will operate actual aircraft as well as flight simulators. All students will take the FAA Private Pilot’s Written Exam (FAA testing procedures apply) at the end of the first year. 

Second Year Option:  Only those students, who have met the eligibility requirements, demonstrate the ability and have a strong desire to become aviation professionals will be offered a second year program.  The second year student may be given the opportunity to earn a Private Pilot's Certificate and work with business and local industry in an aviation related capacity. 


1360 Barbering 1 year program at BTC

This course is a combination of classroom instruction and laboratory opportunities that will develop academic and professional knowledge as well as skills required for job acquisition, retention and advancement. This program emphasizes specialized training in safety, sanitation, shaving, reception, precision scissor and clipper cutting, sales, and create opportunities for small business ownership.  The curriculum is designed to give an overview of the barbering industry, licensing and the opportunities for professional growth.   Students who successfully complete this 500 hour course will be eligible to sit for the New York State Licensing Board Exam. Students must be at least 17 years of age to take the New York State Barber Practical Examination.


1309 Carpentry/ Residential Construction and Home Improvement 2 year program at BTC

The carpentry program is a combination of hands-on skill development and technical training in order to prepare students for entry level employment or higher in residential construction, home improvements and related fields.  Students will actively build and/or renovate a three bedroom, Energy Star rated ranch on site using Brookhaven Town and Energy Star building codes.  Both renovation and alteration of existing residential structures are taught, and students evaluate their own work and keep an active portfolio as well as a notebook.  Students have the option of taking the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER) exam to be placed on the NCCER National Registry.  The Registry provides valuable industry credentials for students as they seek employment and build their careers.


1352 Certified Personal Trainer 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This physical course includes anatomy, kinesiology, injury prevention, supplementation and nutrition, and all aspects of weight and strength training. A world-renowned staff of researchers, scientists, sports medicine specialists and world champion athletes created the program. This course is specifically designed to bridge the gap between clinical exercise related course work and the practical application of sound health and fitness programming. Students will have an opportunity to earn a nationally recognized certification from the International Sports Sciences Association upon successful completion of the course.  The second year will infuse the latest technologies from health care and fitness realms into the Certified Personal Training curriculum.  Once certified, students will have the opportunity to provide a supervised fitness program designed around a medical condition.  Students will have the opportunity to earn a certification in Fitness/Exercise Therapy from the International Sports Sciences Association upon successful completion of this course.


1324 Clinical Medical Assisting 1 year program at WTC

This course is designed to provide basic training in the areas of phlebotomy, EKG, medical terminology, first aid/CPR and medical assisting. It enables students to become nationally certified by the Certified Health Professionals (CHP).   Emphasis is placed on preparing students for work in the health care industry.  It provides fundamental theories and principles needed by all health care providers in the legal aspects of the industry, as well as professional behavior skills.  Safety is emphasized throughout the course.  Students who successfully complete Clinical Medical Assisting and Nurse Assisting courses may be eligible for Patient Care Technician certification.


1311 Computer Technology and Repair 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This combined course is designed to prepare students with practical experiences and related theory leading to an entry-level position as a Computer Repair Technician.  Students will learn how to use test equipment and software to troubleshoot and correct common personal computer problems.  Students will receive the necessary instruction to prepare for the A+ Certification exam at the end of the program.  The A+ Certification is recognized industry-wide and represents six months of work-related experience.  This course is also designed to give students core knowledge of information systems which include digital communication skills such as web design and development and project management.  Students will also be given the opportunity to take Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Certification.  This certification will demonstrate the student's fundamental knowledge of hardware, IT infrastructure or software technology.


1314 Cosmetology 2 year program at WTC

Instruction is provided along with hands-on experience in hair shaping, styling, and chemical services, including hair coloring, permanent waving and chemical relaxing.  Encompassed within the curriculum are treatments for the hair and scalp, facials, all aspects of makeup, nail care, and artificial nails. The course also teaches the business and science-related aspects of cosmetology and salon management.  A cosmetology license qualifies graduates to work with hair, skin and nails, as well as allows specialization in any area of cosmetology.  This license will unlock countless doors within the beauty industry.  Students who successfully complete this 1,000 hour course over two years will be eligible to sit for the New York State Board Licensing Exam.


1320 Culinary Arts/Restaurant Operations Management 2 year program at WTC

Our program begins with baking and pastry arts and moves into complete food preparation and management techniques.  Students gain an understanding of baking and cake decorating, nutrition, menu planning, catering, dining food service, food production, as well as safety and sanitation codes.  Second year students are prepared to take the National Restaurant ServSafe test.  The program has the accreditation of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) which provides students with the opportunity to earn a Certified Junior Culinarian (CJC) certificate.  The program is also associated with the New York State Restaurant Association (NYSRA) Educational Foundation Pro Start Program, which provides students with work experience necessary to succeed in the workplace.


1315 Dental Chairside Assisting 1 year program at BTC

Students will learn how to work chair-side with the dentist, prepare dental materials, perform basic business procedures, prepare client's data (i.e., processing insurance forms) and provides practical experience in radiology and four-handed dentistry. A simulated environment equipped with the most current equipment and software is the setting in which skills are taught with a strong emphasis on patient care and business application.  Experience is gained during private practice and/or clinic affiliation.  This program will prepare students for a course of study in higher education for the New York State Dental Assisting Licensing Program.


1310 Early Childhood Education 1 or 2 year program at WTC

This course is designed to prepare students for careers as teachers or child care providers in early childhood education. The study of child development is included by direct hands-on experience with children in our on-site preschool.  A second year option is available which prepares students to work toward the Child Development Associate (CDA), a nationally recognized credential that will qualify candidates to meet all state licensing requirements to work as a child care professional in any early childhood program in the United States.  Students in the second year program participate in community-based internships to explore varied educational settings and student groups.

Note: Eligibility for second year option requires a minimum grade average of 80 for the first year of Early Childhood, a Certificate of Completion of the first year program, and the recommendation of the teachers.


1331 Electrical Trade and Alternative Energy 2 year program at BTC

This program is a combination of hands-on skill development and technical training in order to prepare students for entry-level employment or higher in the electrical trade. Students gain practice in traditional wiring methods and blueprint reading, as well as learn the latest renewable energy concepts including solar, wind, and geothermal technologies. Energy conservation methods and technological changes driving future energy careers are an integral part of this program.

Students have the option of taking the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER) exam to be placed on the NCCER National Registry. The Registry provides valuable industry credentials for students as they seek employment and build their careers.


1371 Engineering 1 or 2 year program at BTC

Our Engineering program is based upon the Project Lead the Way curriculum.  Project Lead The Way Inc. (PLTW) is a national program forming partnerships among Public Schools, Higher Education Institutions and the Private Sector to increase the quantity and quality of engineers and engineering technologists graduating from our education system.  Our program is actually a sequence of courses which, when combined with traditional mathematics and science courses in high school, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering prior to entering college.  However, those not intending to pursue further formal education will benefit greatly from the knowledge and logical thought processes that result from taking some or all of the courses provided in the curriculum.


1319 Fashion Merchandising and Design 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This course provides skills and experience in retail operations, merchandising display and apparel design.  Students cut, sew and design their own garments, demonstrate the forecasting of fashion, visually create a fashion display, illustrate sample garments for their portfolio, perform basic business procedures needed for any retail operation, and work cooperatively as a team member to run a successful retail store.


1322 Law Enforcement 1 or 2 year program at WTC

This is a broad based program for students with an interest in criminal justice, law enforcement, public safety and other related legal careers.  The program includes the study of civil and criminal law providing a strong foundation for entry into the security field or for advanced training at a police academy or college.  As a New York State Approved Security Guard school, students who qualify are provided an opportunity to pass the Security Guard certification exam, as well as the International Federation of Protection Officers (IFPO) exam and AOCO exam, which is a national telecommunication (911) certification.  Both the IFPO and APCO certifications are nationally recognized and are offered in the second year of the program, which also includes forensics and crime scene investigations. 


1328 Licensed Practical Nursing 2 year program at BTC

This is a 17 month program that begins in the student’s senior year. In the first year of the program, the student will learn the necessary basic nursing skills to care for patients based on the principles of the biological, physical and social sciences and includes a clinical experience in affiliate hospitals. The second phase of the program (September- March) following high school graduation is a theory/clinical experience. Students participate in theory/clinical learning activities from 7:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at affiliate hospitals and health-related facilities. A graduate is eligible to take the New York State Licensure examination for licensure as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) after successful completion of 1,260 hours of instruction and all program requirements. A preparatory course for the nursing entrance examination is offered at Eastern Suffolk BOCES.

All applicants must take and pass a nursing entrance exam: Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) in the spring prior to entrance into the Licensed Practical Nursing Program.


1323 Marine/Motorsports Technology 1 or 2 year program at BTC

Instruction will introduce and reinforce core knowledge in engine systems, drive systems, electrical and electronics systems, fuel systems, fabrication and engine machining.  Students will learn how things are built, how they work and how to approach a repair.  Students will have the opportunity to utilize our engine dynamometers to reinforce theory and prove performance modifications.  Graduates will leave with the knowledge required to enter a broad array of the motorsports trades including automotive, marine, motorcycle and heavy equipment.  Take advantage of our highly successful work study program and work in the industry with senior technicians while you are still in high school.

1326 Nurse Assisting 1 year program at WTC

This course is designed to prepare the student to be employed as a Nurse Assistant. Basic aspects of health care include procedures used in the care of patients such as: bathing, positioning, moving, transferring and monitoring vital signs. A hands-on approach with a laboratory component as well as practical applications of theory are emphasized.  Clinical affiliations with various health care institutions further enhance this approach.  This course is an entry level program in the field of nursing.  This course prepares students for New York State Nurse Aide Certification.  Students who successfully complete Nurse Assisting and Clinical Medical Assisting courses may be eligible for Patient Care Technician certification.


1358 Pharmacy Technician 1 year program at BTC

The Pharmacy Technician program is a one year program for high school seniors.  Pharmacy technicians assist the licensed pharmacist to provide medication and other health care products to patients.  Pharmacy technicians assist pharmacists in providing effective, appropriate and safe pharmacy services.  The technician works in a variety of settings. Their roles and duties include receiving, processing and dispensing prescription orders, billing, ordering, maintenance of medication records, preparing unit doses, compounding medications, preparing intravenous solutions packaging medications, preparing and delivering out-patient medications such as those in nursing homes, hospice and rehabilitation facilities, computer data input, inspecting nursing unit dose stocks, inventory maintenance, cashier, restocking shelves and preparation of labels.  Other topics include medical terminology, pharmaceutical calculations and drug distribution systems.  The pharmacy technician must assure patient privacy, have excellent communication skills and work as a team member.  This course prepares the student for the National Certification exam through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

All students must take and pass an Entrance exam on Reading and Math skills in the Spring prior to entrance as a High School Senior.


1327 Plumbing and Heating 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This program is designed for students interested in the installing, servicing and repairing of domestic sanitation systems, water heaters and home heating units. Students will also receive training on the latest trade-related green technology, as well as efficient appliances, retrofitting to increase water efficiency, and resource conservation.  Students have the option of taking the National Center for Construction Education Research (NCCER) exam and are placed on NCCER's National Registry.  The Registry provides valuable industry credentials for students as they seek employment and build their careers.


1329 Professional Photography/Digital Photography 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This course will focus on cultivating students' styles, techniques, personal aesthetics, and personal growth using photographic imaging by enabling students to become critical thinkers using photography as means of inquiry.  Students will gain an understanding of photography from historical to recent criticism and understand its social implications.  Both fine art photography and commercial photography (business side of photography industry) will be covered, with a strong emphasis placed on studio lighting, location lighting, black and white darkroom and developing (including alternative processes) and digital imagery.  Analog photography will serve as the foundation for understanding the photographic process, film cameras, and darkroom printing before moving to digital photography using a Macintosh platform and Photoshop software.  Problem solving, originality, and collaboration will be an integral part of in-class exercises, reading, assignments, presentations, critiques and independent projects.


1332 Television, Video and Digital Film Production 1 or 2 year program at BTC

This course involves all phases of television production including planning, shooting and editing. Students will learn techniques in studio production, electronic journalism and digital film-making. Working in our 30´ x 40´ studio, students will play an active role in the production of cable-ready talk and variety shows, and promotional videos. In addition to working in the studio, students use professional field cameras, sound and lighting equipment to create your own news stories, public service announcements, and short documentaries.  This course offers valuable techniques and hands-on experience, which prepares students for an entry level position and/or advanced college placement. Internships are available at local media outlets.

Note: Students who complete Communications Systems (1202) and Media Production 1 & 2 (1225) at Longwood High School may be eligible to complete the Television Production program at BOCES in one year.

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