Alternate Learning Program Offerings

Introduction: The main focus of this program is to develop each student’s personal best for effective life and work skills. Experience will integrate the individual’s growth with academic and vocational learning, in accordance with an I.E.P.

1500 Basic Computer Skills

This computer course provides students with an introduction to basic computer skills including basic machine operation, basic program operation (Word) and proper/safe usage of the computer as a tool for learning.


1520 Basic Keyboarding

This keyboarding course provides students with an introduction to the keyboard (letters, numbers, and symbols), basic machine operations, and proper keystroke technique.


1541 Basic Reading

This course is designed to enable the student to acquire reading skills necessary for daily living. The student will increase his recognition of sight and survival words, improve decoding and structural analysis of words, and expand his receptive and expressive vocabulary. The student will read stories, books, maps, charts, advertisements, graphs, newspapers, magazines, and learn to use the library for reading enjoyment and information. Reading comprehension skills will be developed as the student reads material of various subjects to find the main ideas, note details, and summarize what was read.


1542 Basic Health

This course is to develop the student’s awareness of basic health concepts so he may develop a positive attitude and participate in activities for his own well-being. Personal hygiene, nutrition, mental health, first aid, diseases, drugs, alcohol, exercise, and environmental and community health practices and problems in our society will be examined.


1543 Basic Science

This course is to develop the student’s awareness of scientific aspects of the world in which they live, and to expand the student’s awareness of man and his environment. Topics will include traits of living things and their relationship in the environment, different kinds of life and body systems, plants and their functions and weather and how it affects man. Experimental activities, such as recycling, are designed to develop understanding.


1544 Basic Social Studies

This course is designed to develop the student’s attitude, skills, and concepts necessary to live as a citizen, a family member, an employee, and to be an active participant in our society. The student will expand concepts for daily living, self and career awareness, understanding of United States History, the world, government and economic systems and the geography of the land. Learning will involve map study, field trips, solving problems in daily living, and working in different jobs in our school. Current events, respect for laws, and our constitution will be examined.


1546 Basic Math

This course is designed to enable the student to acquire math skills needed for daily living. The student will develop his basic computational skills, and solve problems regarding time and measurement. Money in the marketplace, calculating money earned, and banking services will be studied. Concrete materials and instructional tasks will be used to facilitate understanding.


1540 Basic Independent Living

Are you ready to live on your own? This course is for anyone planning to live away from home, whether in a college dorm, house or apartment. Students analyze want-ads to find housing, furnishings, a car and a job. After setting up individual "living situations," students learn to cope with roommate problems, consumer problems, balancing a checkbook, paying bills and food shopping on a budget. Students will work in groups to demonstrate clothing or home care and repair tasks and to create and serve great meals on a tight budget. Learning to recognize healthy life-styles and practicing good management skills will help students prepare for the responsibilities of independent living.


1550 Basic Home Economics

This course is to develop the student’s ability to establish effective skills in the home to improve the quality of life for the individual and family. Students will observe and practice basic cooking skills, develop an awareness of nutrition, food safety, meal planning, washing and ironing clothing, house cleaning, food shopping skills, and dealing with consumer problems. Students are required to practice these management skills to prepare for the responsibilities of independent living.


1553 Basic Art

Specialized Art provides the student with opportunities to develop self-expression and confidence, by taking risks, making choices, and expressing personal points of view by creating original works of art. The student will explore markers, paint, yarn, wood, clay and other media and materials to develop understandings and skills of two and three dimensional space, perceptual and fine motor skills. Art projects will be interrelated with other subject areas and include experiences in drawing, painting, weaving, mixed media and crafts. This course will require the completion of selected projects.

A Work-Based Learning Program is:

  • Focused on the process that moves students from just thinking about a career and their future, to actively seeking a career and developing the skills needed to be successful in their chosen career.
  • A structured opportunity to focus on career development through hands-on experience at a work site.
  • A real-life connection between the classroom, workplace and the community.
  • An opportunity to build a student's confidence, self-esteem and independence.


1548 Work Experience

This course is designed to develop job skills at a worksite through the supervision and guidance of a job coach.  Students will learn about the world of work and career opportunities related to interests and vocational aptitude.  Workforce readiness skills are developed through on-site participation.  This course is a full year and participation is determined at CSE.  Job sites are community-based and assigned based on availability and student’s needs and interests.  All work is unpaid.


1547 Longwood Career Center

The Longwood Career Center will expose students to different types of work environments through vocational simulations.  Students will practice the routines and job-readiness skills that are necessary to become independent in the work force.  Students will explore vocational interests and abilities through hand-on activities and vocational tasks.  Job areas may include: food industry service, hospitality, customer service, clerical and computer/graphic designs.  Vocational and aptitude assessments are essential components to enrollment at the Longwood career Center.


1560 Basic Social Skills (Pass/Fail).  Full Year – 1 Period

This course is designed to meet individual needs of students in developing and strengthening skills necessary to live and work effectively with others.  Students learn conversation skills, assertiveness skills such as making requests, asking for help or refusing a request appropriately.  Learning conflict resolution and interpersonal skills such as giving and accepting compliments, finding common interests, and seeing situations from others’ perspectives will also be developed.


1561 Basic Academics (Numeric grades).  Full Year – 1 Period

This course is designed to increase independence in areas related to academics and learning.  Students learn to use tools designed to help them become and stay organized.  Through guided practice, students learn how to manage their time to complete assignments and tasks independently.  Students will also learn how to prioritize tasks and self-monitor to increase their ability to complete tasks independently.


1562 Job Skills (Pass/Fail).  Full Year – 2 Periods

This course is designed to develop the necessary skills, understandings and attitudes for students to be successful in the work force.  Students are placed in various job situations throughout the building where they learn how to effectively communicate with coworkers and how to respond to suggestions from a supervisor.  Through real life experience, students become able to assess the accuracy of their work.  They become responsible for on time arrival, utilization of their time to meet deadlines and get jobs done on a daily and weekly basis.

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