General Education Work Experience Program


 The General Education Work Experience Program
(Course #0617) is available to any 12th grade student enrolled in a business course that is interested in obtaining credit for employment.  Students who are not enrolled in a business course may enroll in the Program on an Independent Study basis.

Students will:

Earn 1/2 credit for completing 150 hours on the job through the General Education Work Experience Program

Learn job-search skills including resume writing, interviewing, applications, and cover letters

Obtain help with tax forms including the W4 and 1040EZ

Learn employee safety procedures

Understand employee rights such as Worker’s Compensation, Disability, and the Fair Labor Standards Act

Gain human relations skills on the job






  • Call (or a parent or guardian will call) the Work Experience Coordinator and the employer by 8:30 a.m. of the day of an unavoidable absence and give the reason.

  • Work at only one part-time job while attending school.

  • Be unable to work at the job when absent from school.

  • Adhere to the rules set up by the school, the employer, and the coordinator.

  • Make a serious effort to learn his/her job, related job skills, and career occupational fields.

  • To the best of his/her ability, become a conscientious and valuable employee, maintaining regular attendance and acceptable work levels.

  • Keep all work station business matters in strict confidence and be honest, punctual, cooperative, courteous, and willing to learn.

  • Maintain a good school record in order to earn a high school diploma

  • Furnish the coordinator with information necessary about his/her work program, complete the necessary reports, and consult with the coordinator regarding problems at the work station.




  • Grant permission for the program participation by the student and encourage his/her efforts.

  • Share with the Work Experience Coordinator information vital to the successful development and performance of the student.

  • Accept responsibility for the safety and conduct of the student-learner while he/she is traveling to and from the school, training station, and home.




  • Within the scope of the business, provide the student with work of instructional value.

  • Within the ability of the student, give opportunity for more responsibility and variety in employment.

  • Provide a safe and healthful environment.

  • Provide adequate supervision by a qualified and interested employee.

  • Cooperate with the Work Experience Coordinator and involve him/her in planning and in resolving problems involving the program and the student participant.

  • Follow applicable State and Federal regulations pertaining to employment of minors.




  • Visit each student worker at least once at the work station.

  • Cooperate with the employer and the employee assigned to supervise the student’s training on the job and to solve student problems.

  • Meet with each student’s parents or guardians during the school year.

  • Provide each student with at least one period per week of related classroom instruction or counseling on a group or individual basis.

  • Adjust all complaints with the cooperation of all parties concerned.

  • Select, place, transfer, or withdraw student workers as appropriate.


Students may enroll through their School Counselor or directly with the Work Experience Coordinator in the Post-Secondary Planning Office located in room 1121. 


For more information, contact the Work Experience Coordinator at 345-9294.

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